Safety Tips for REALTORS

September is REALTORS Safety Month.

Safety tips for REALTORS.REALTORS work with an element of the unknown. The unknown of meeting with strangers in unfamiliar territories. While these elements don’t often combine to form an unfortunate situation, we advise REALTORS to be prepared. This September we’ll present you tips and advice for REALTORS safety that should be taken into consideration all year-round.

Safety Tips for REALTORS

  • Ask your client for work, phone and cell phone numbers and a physical address. Try to verify the information by calling the client at one or more numbers.
  • Carry a cell phone in your pocket and program it to dial 911 at the touch of a button.
  • Do not meet unknown clients at a property.
  • Give someone in your office an itinerary of properties you plan to show.Read More »

What Makes a Real Estate Agent a REALTOR

When is a real estate agent a Realtor?

What makes a real estate agent a realtor.A real estate agent is a REALTOR® when he or she becomes a member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, The Voice for Real Estate®, the world’s largest professional association. The term “REALTOR®” is a registered collective membership mark that identifies a real estate professional who is a member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® and abides by its strict Code of Ethics.

Founded in 1908, NAR has grown from its original nucleus of 120 members to more than 1 million today. NAR is composed of REALTORS® who are involved in residential and commercial real estate as brokers, salespeople, property managers, appraisers, counselors, and others who are engaged in all aspects of the real estate industry.

Only members of the National Association of REALTORS® can call themselves REALTORS. Members belong to one or more of 1,700 local associations/boards and 54 state and territory associations of REALTORS® and can join one of the many institutes, societies, and councils. Additionally, NAR offers members the opportunity to be active in appraisal and international real estate specialty sections.Read More »

Selling Your Home in a Short Sale

Successfully sell your home in a short sale with these tips.

selling a short saleIf you’re facing mortgage woes, then a short sale may be the perfect solution. A short sale occurs when a homeowner in poor financial shape sells a home for less than the amount due on the mortgage, with all the proceeds going to the lender. They offer an appealing alternative to foreclosures, but that doesn’t mean that it’s an easier process to endure. If you have time on your side, then follow these tips for a successful short sale.Read More »

How REALTORS Can Use Facebook

Use Facebook to become a better REALTOR.

How to use Facebook as a realtor.According to Mashable, 80 percent of real estate professionals are using Facebook to market their practice and properties. Are you one of them? Facebook can be used to promote listings, market open houses, and communicate with other agents and the public. Social media can promote your brand and listings in a free and efficient manner. Make the most of this valuable tool by following these Facebook tips for REALTORS.

Facebook Advice for REALTORS

  1. Connect with clients. Social media encourages fast and personalized communication. To build your fan base, upload your email database to Facebook once a quarter and invite them to become a fan, and then invite new friends and contacts as you meet them.
  2. Post relevant content. Facebook is your chance to market yourself as an industry expert, share content your audience will be interested, boost conversation, and strengthen relationships. All of this can be done based on what you choose to post. Try to post at least twice a week: one listing and one piece of interesting real estate or market information. Even if you only have a personal Facebook page rather than a business page, mix in industry information along with your personal content. You should wear your REALTOR badge both offline and online.Read More »

The Housing Market Heats Up as Temperatures Rise This Summer

Homes are selling at fastest rate since 2005.

Shorts, flip-flops and tan lines aren’t the only things trending this summer. The housing market has been heating up since July. Homes are flying off the market, according the latest report from the Minnesota Association of REALTORS®.  Homes statewide are selling in 70 days or less. If you’re in the Twin Cities, houses are selling even faster on average in 46 days. This is the fastest homes have sold since 2005.

Minnesota Housing Report

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How to Handle Low Appraisals

What to do when an appraisal comes back lower than the negotiated price.

tips for low appraisals
Don’t let an appraisal ruin your home sale.

Banks require appraisals to verify that a home’s sale price is supported by its market value and won’t issue a loan for more than the appraised value. A low valuation can cause quite the dilemma when an appraisal comes in below the negotiated price. Of the real estate agents surveyed by the National Association of Realtors, 9 percent said a contract was delayed because an appraisal came in below the negotiated price, 15 percent said a contract was renegotiated to a lower price, and 11 percent said a contract was canceled as a result of a low valuation. Don’t let a low valuation ruin your deal. There are several things buyers and sellers can do if an appraisal is lower than the price originally agreed upon.Read More »

Packing Away Summer

Tips to transition your home from summer to fall.

transition from summer to fall with these packing tipsAs the days change from long and sunny to short and crisp, it becomes time to pack away those shorts and and stow the squirt guns. If you’re putting your home on the market this fall season, it is necessary to cut the clutter. This means swapping out summer clothes and toys around the house for ones appropriate for the cold weather ahead. Pack away summer and keep your home ready to show at a moment’s notice.Read More »

Broker Management Conference 2013

Keeping your brokerage safe.

Minnesota Association of RealtorsAs a Broker you play an integral role in the success of your agents. How do you know you’re performing to the best of your abilities? Are you reducing risks? Answering questions with confidence? If not, don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Learn how to be a better broker while getting 4.0 hours of essential CE credits! We’ve put together a half day program that will help you to reduce your risk and be armed with more information on running a risk-free office and reducing you liability. Join us at one of two locations for some networking and learning!

Earn 4.0 hours of continuing education credit.

Program for September 5th — Mystic Lake Casino, Prior Lake

12:30-1:00 Sign in and enjoy some lunch
1:00-2:00 Federal Legislative Update/Broker Involvement Program
2:00-4:00 Common Claims Trends and How it Affects your Brokerage
4:00-5:00 DOC Required: Broker Module: Broker Supervisory Obligations

Program for September 6th — Grand Casino, Hinckley

8:00-8:30 Sign in and enjoy some breakfast
8:30-9:30 Federal Legislative Update/Broker INvolvement Program
9:30-11:30 Common Claims Trends and How it Affects your Brokerage
11:30-12:30 DOC Required: Broker Module: Broker Supervisory ObligationsRead More »

Tips to Help Children Move During the School Year

Help your children adjust to a mid-year move.

help your children adjust to a moveWhether you’re moving school districts within the same city or relocating across the nation, switching schools is a stressful experience for most children. Kids spend as many as 1,600 hours per year in school. This is where they have established friendships, connections, and a level of comfort. Make the move easy on your children by finding ways to help them adjust to their new school and home.Read More »

Become a Better REALTOR with these Client Relations Tips

Make the home selling and buying process a fun one for your clients.

tips to become a better realtorAs a REALTOR, your responsibility is to help your clients find the perfect house to turn into a home. What makes a good REALTOR a great one, is someone who goes beyond this responsibility and transforms the experience entirety into a fun and stress-free time. Financing, inspections, and appraisals can weigh heavy on a homeowner’s mind. Make the home selling and buying process an enjoyable one with these tips.Read More »