On June 9th, the MN REALTORS® Board of Directors passed an updated strategic plan and approved the Fiscal Year 2017 budget. In this article we will review the plan, which includes new services to increase the value proposition for members.

The MN REALTORS® is the largest professional trade association in the state with more than 18,000 members. Organizationally, we have 18 local Associations/Boards oriented throughout the state, and an affiliation with the National Association of REALTORS®. Together our organizational structure – local, state, national – represents one of the largest segments of the housing economy. Our Mission Statement: “To proactively help Minnesota REALTORS® understand and thrive in the ever-changing real estate landscape.” The Organization’s 10-Year Stretch Goal: “MN REALTORS® is so indispensable to success, agents and brokers choose to join and believe their continued involvement is equally critical.”

From this statement we formulated five program initiatives that focus on how resources are allocated and activities pursued for the organization’s membership. These become the Association’s core competencies and the focus of the Association’s leadership when determining policy and program directives.

  1. Advance Professionalism of Members “To improve competency and professionalism through compliance with, and enforcement of, the REALTOR® Code of Ethics.”
  2. Advocate for REALTORS® and Real Property “To promote public policy which benefits and enhances the right to own, use, and transfer real property.”
  3. Support Business Success of Members “To provide resources and leadership to promote a legal environment conducive to success for our members.”
  4. Understand and Advise on the Future “To research, organize, and assemble information in a manner that provides educational opportunities that help members achieve their business goals.”
  5. Restructure Minnesota REALTORS® Association “To promote a membership focus that assures optimal use of all REALTOR® resources.”

Each of these core competencies is further defined and programming activities are developed. These are incorporated into the Association’s business plan to establish priorities and goals for the Leadership Team, Committees, and staff. Once completed the Finance Committee looks at the costs of implementing the plan and how it can be paid for using dues, fees, or reserve dollars.

The major focus for the MN REALTORS® is related to improving communication and providing consistent, cost-effective continuing education. There is a recognized limit on how a trade association can influence individual professionalism. By focusing on improving communication, we will provide more information – through smart phones, tablets, and computers – so members can access the dos and don’ts whenever and wherever they need that information.

Consistent educational instruction is an important element of increasing professionalism. Too often, real estate CE instructors give students information that is either incomplete or wrong.

The Board of Directors has recognized two education areas where confusion over the facts can cause significant problems. One is the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and its application to your business. The other is the state module, which includes the test. Because of their importance, the MN REALTORS® will develop online courses that members will receive within their annual dues structure. In FY2017, MN REALTORS® will partner with local associations to provide the Code of Ethics education via the internet. This will reduce member travel and provide consistency in the education. In FY2018, we believe an online version of the Code of Ethics and state module will be available.

INMAN News Select is another member benefit all MN REALTORS® will be receiving through your annual membership dues. In October 2016, all members of the MN REALTORS® will receive access to INMAN Select as part of their membership dues. This $199 value will be accessed through the MN REALTORS® Higher Logic web site. If you currently have an INMAN Select account, do not renew it, as refunds will not be available.

The MN REALTORS® Leadership Team, Policy Committees, and Board of Directors has worked hard to position the association for the future. We’ll be conducting a board membership survey this summer and I hope you will take a few minutes to answer the questions so we can better deliver the benefits, programs, and services to you.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Chris Galler at

The Minnesota REALTORS® is the largest professional trade association in the state with more than 17,000 members who are active in all aspects of the real estate industry.


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