Digital marketing can help you generate and capture leads.

By Paul Salley, marketing strategist

One of the core lifelines in any real estate business is a steady and reliable source of leads. My role at REAL Trends consists of analyzing how brokerages across the United States and Canada can drive more leads in quantity and quality. Establishing or correcting a flow of leads can be accomplished via digital marketing mediums.


The best approach is to set dedicated budget for specific digital marketing solutions and run the ads for two weeks on each solution. Upon completing the two-week trial period, you will be able to get a sense as to where your marketing efforts are paying off. Examples of digital marketing platforms include Google AdWords and Facebook. It’s important to use the same or very similar ads with identical calls to action when comparing and contrasting the effectiveness of various digital marketing platforms.It’s also pertinent to ensure that the landing page you are sending people to is about the ad messaging that you’re presenting to the consumer.


To capitalize on paid traffic being sent to your website, it’s critical to have an effective lead capture strategy on your website. There is a fine line between tactfully requesting an individual’s information and coming off as intrusive. If you want consumers to give you their contact information, then you must provide something in return and make them aware of what that will be. This will satisfy the question of “What’s in it for me?”

Another suggestion is to put the least amount of capture fields possible on a form. The less intimidating the form, the more likely it is to be completed. Another suggestion is to eliminate forced registration on listings. If a user gets through a few photos and must register in order to proceed, chances are they will leave your website and continue their same browsing experience somewhere else.

Another important lead capture strategy is to incorporate subtle lead capture opportunities throughout your website. Some subtle opportunities for lead capture include open houses, chat, schedule a showing, complimentary CMA, find an agent, etc.

Making an individual voluntarily give up their contact information can be achieved if approached correctly. By implementing some of the strategies above, you’ll see an increase in leads and your lead capture rate. ^

This article originally appeared in the June 2016 issue of the REAL Trends Newsletter is reprinted with permission of REAL Trends, Inc. Copyright 2016.

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