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Find answers to common real estate questions in the DESKTOP REFERENCE GUIDE. This is a great guide to laws, rules and regulations pertaining to real estate.

You’ll find Q&A’s on all kinds of topics including Department of Commerce Regulations, Environmental Issues, Property Tax, Short Sales and more.

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Here are a few examples:

Q: Is the seller required to disclose the presence of pets in the home? 


Many people have allergies to pet dander and/or pet fur. Dander and fur can remain present well after the pet has no longer been on the premises. The presence of these allergens would have an adverse affect on a buyer’s use and enjoyment of the property, and therefore, is considered a material fact and needs to be disclosed.

Q: Can I use my team’s name in our advertising?


blog Q&AAny advertising by a licensee must include the real estate brokerage name more prominently displayed than the licensee’s name for the purchase, sale, lease, exchange, mortgaging, transfer, or other disposition of real property, whether the advertising pertains to the licensee’s own property or the property of others. If a salesperson or broker is part of a team or group within the brokerage, the licensee may include the team or group name in the advertising only under the following conditions:

  • the inclusion of such team or group name is authorized by the primary broker of the brokerage to which the salesperson or broker is licensed; and
  • the real estate brokerage name is included and more prominently displayed than the team name or group name in the advertising.

The following two options would be acceptable forms of using team names in real estate advertising:

The Smith Team at ABC Realty; or

The Smith Group

ABC Realty

Please see MN Statute 82.69 for more information.


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