Turning Your Leads Funnel Upside Down

The ability to target a specific audience with a message equips marketers with an effective approach to pinpoint marketing.

By Paul Salley, marketing strategist

Many real estate professionals are familiar with a farming technique or lead generation technique that relates to a funnel or pipeline. The idea is to blanket as many people as possible with your advertising message and nurture those that respond into qualified leads. Or, to organize those that respond into categories of readiness and nurture them accordingly. This has been a proven safe, but often slow, classical approach to selling and maintain-ing a pipeline. Strategic, targeted digital marketing makes this classical method look archaic in comparison.

Thanks to advancements in marketing technologies, real estate professionals can start the prospecting process in reverse. The ability to target a specific audience with a personalized message equips marketers with an effective and proven approach to pinpoint marketing.

Audiences are classified and defined by demographic and behavioral filters that online platforms provide. A sample of a few of these platforms is Facebook and private display networks that act as a stock exchange for ad space across the Internet. The way Facebook provides targeted audiences is simple, advertisers can simply pull from the detailed profile information Facebook users readily provide when they create and maintain a Facebook Profile. Display networks are able to determine user information based on their geographic location provided by their IP addresses and information gathered from their browsers in regards to what their interests are and other information that has been collected. The power of this information allows marketing to take on a sophistication and proven ROI that has never before been possible. The days of targeting the masses and hoping your message will be relevant to a portion of the population that will respond to that message are over. Marketing now should be going directly to those who you know will respond to your messaging. This allows real estate professionals the ability to target a specific audience with the appropriate messaging with the advanced knowledge and assurance that the message they are approaching the target with is relevant and will elicit a response. Becoming accustomed to this new way of marketing, real estate professionals are able to turn their sales funnels upside down and start immediately connecting only with those who are proven to have an interest in buying or selling a home. This refined process is more cost effective and drastically reduces the time it traditionally takes to nurture a lead along until they are ready to take action.^

This article originally appeared in the May 2016 issue of the REAL Trends Newsletter and is reprinted with permission of REAL Trends Inc. Copyright 2016.

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