Q: What are common tree diseases in Minnesota?

A: The two biggest threats to trees are insects and fungi. Elm, ash and oak trees are the most common trees to be diseased in Minnesota, through most trees are prone to disease.

Dutch Elm Disease

  • Dutch elm disease is caused by a fungus that us spread by the elm bark beetle. The fungus can also be spread through roots that have fused together. The disease was first detected in Minnesota in the early 1960’s, and has caused the state to loose 10-20% of its elm trees.

Emerald Ash Borer

  • More recently, ash trees have been at risk of destruction by the emerald ash borer. The larvae of beetle feed on the inner bark of the tree, disrupting its ability to transport water and nutrients. This causes the tree to die.

Oak Wilt

  • Oak wilt is caused by a fungus. The most common way wilt to spread is through roots that have fused together, but wilt can also spread via the sap beetle.

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