Advertising – Q: I’m confused as to what is and is not acceptable with social media?

A: Using social media in connection with your real estate business is a type of advertising and thus is governed by law and professional standards. Minnesota statutes and the REALTORS® Code of Ethics require that a REALTOR® disclose the name of his or her firm in a “reasonable and readily apparent manner.” To meet this requirement, REALTORS® should include the name of their real estate company in their handle or name for social media tools.

Real estate licensees must also ensure that their social media pages are fully complete under Minnesota law. A “fully complete” media page includes the name of the real estate company to which the agent is licensed. A licensee must also include required disclosures and a direct link to his or her electronic message/homepage. A “direct link” is one that requires only one mouse click to direct consumers to a licensee’s profile page.

Please check with your broker to confirm that your use of social media also comports with any office policy on the matter.

The direct link to a display that includes the REALTORS® required disclosures is consistent with Standard of Practice 12-5 of the REALTORS® Code of Ethics.

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