In Love with Two Houses?

You have to choose between two great homes. Now what?

After weeks of searching, you’ve fallen in love with that perfect house. But you’re not feeling at all settled. What’s wrong with finding the perfect house? Nothing, unless you’ve actually found 2 perfect houses. Maybe you love the houses equally or you and your spouse each love a different house. Now what do you do? Here are some things to consider when having to choose between 2 houses you love.Two Homes

Emotions Out:

The first rule of thumb it to keep emotions out of the equation – you need to approach this rationally! Many people resort to the good old’ pros and cons list. It’s a concrete list and usually one house will prevail as the ‘better’ house to buy. The list should start with your budget and your ‘must haves’ for the home. If there is no clear winner, dig a little deeper and include…


Does it have the right schools nearby? How about shopping, places of worship and restaurants? Is the commute doable to work? What about crime? Are the houses in equally safe and clean neighborhoods?

Other homes on the block:

Is your potential home equal value with your neighbor’s or is it on the high end? Remember, you don’t want the biggest and best house on the block. Between the two houses, which will appreciate more over time and have greater investment potential?


Does one house require more sprucing up than the other? More time and money invested into it before it’s really your dream home? You’ll need to consider if that expense gives it an edge over the other home or makes it a con.


The seller’s situation might also be a factor. If they are eager to negotiate because of their need to move or the number of days the property has been on the market, you have more negotiating power. That alone may put one home ahead of the other.

Are you still confused and undecided? Try re-visiting each house again and at a different time of day and/or day of the week. Traffic patterns can change and touring a home at night vs the day can certainly give off a different feel.

If there’s a winner, don’t let it slip away! Be decisive and make an offer. And if for some crazy reason you don’t get that first place home, remember, you do have another great house waiting in the wings.

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