Considerations When Hiring a Novice Realtor

Tips for hiring a novice realtor

Realtors ethics requirements
Hiring a Novice Realtor

It’s such a major transaction – selling or buying a home.  Who you contract with to help you through this process is a major decision, because there is a lot of money and time at stake.  How do you know you can trust a realtor who is new to the business?  Everyone has to start at some point and you want to give them a shot, but you don’t want them to make a mistake as your agent. Here are some considerations when hiring a novice realtor.


  • Do they have the proper credentials to be selling/buying real estate in your area?  Are they a licensed Realtor or a real estate agent?  Are they affiliated with a reputable agency or other agents?   If the answer is ‘yes’ then you’ve got that going in your favor.  No guarantees, but a new representative who is licensed and working under experienced agents have a safety net of sorts – they’ve put in the time to get the proper credentials and have places to go, to ask for assistance or clarification if needed.
  • Full-time or Part-time?  Many real estate agents leave the industry within the first year, so having a full-time representative can make a difference. They may be more accessible and probably more invested in making this work a career.
  • If possible get some testimonials from previous clients that this new agent can work well with others and can take care of their clients.  You may want to ask leading questions, to get information on how familiar they are about the area and how they’ve handled their limited experiences in the real estate world.


  • Do you like them?  Can you get along with them?  You don’t need to be best friends, but you need to have personalities and energy levels that are compatible.  If you don’t like them or trust them, then all the experience in the world is worthless.
  • Speaking of trust, it is imperative.  What does your gut tell you? If you feel good about your relationship with the realtor, it just might be a good fit!

Consider carefully whoever you choose to work with when buying or selling a home, regardless of experience level. When it comes to a new realtor, take extra time to consider some of the professional and personal issues discussed, and then follow your instincts.  New representatives need clients to trust them with this major transaction and you just may be that great new client to help them grow their career!

The Minnesota Association of REALTORS® is the largest professional trade association in the state with more than 17,000 members who are active in all aspects of the real estate industry.


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