5 Tips for Entertaining this Holiday Season

5 Tips for Hosting this Holiday Season

5 tips for Hosting this Holiday Season

Feeling in the holiday spirit?  Want to share your good cheer? It’s not too late to pull together a holiday party!   This is the best time of year to gather with family and friends to enjoy some good food and great times.  Holiday hosting doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking!  Here are 5 tips for hosting a party this holiday season.

Consider choosing a theme for your party
Serve food and drink from a certain region or maybe choose a color-theme…it doesn’t matter, just keep it cohesive and fun.  An ugly Christmas sweater party or perhaps a “Swedish Christmas” gathering, complete with meatballs, pickled herring and glogg (hot mulled wine).  A holiday party doesn’t have to be a formal sit-down affair – try keeping your party as an open-house, where people can come and go as their schedule allows, or a buffet menu, so less planning is needed for a formal sit-down affair.

Make a list and check it twice
Write down everything you need…grocery lists, ice, paper products, serving utensils, etc. Try to be ahead of the game, but also recognize you WILL forget something!  It’s okay if you need to call a dear friend and ask them to pick up apple cider on their way – people are willing to help!

Appeal to the senses
Be sure you have some great holiday music planned – with a mix of artists from across the generations (oldies are goodies!).  People love the scent of pine and Christmas trees, so bring in the greenery and light the candles – your home will smell wonderful and feel welcoming and festive.

Keep the beverages accessible
As a host, it’s very difficult to make sure all your guests have been properly served.  Try having a separate beverage station where people can help themselves to a drink, or ask a friend who is extra social to help you out by pouring wine and making sure the coolers are full.  Also, use place-cards to let your guests know what’s being served (both food and drink) in case people have dietary restrictions or allergies.  These place-cards can be festive and easy – and fit into your theme if you put a little thought into it.

Safety first
If you have lots of people coming and going, be sure to clear your walkway and steps of snow and ice and have proper outdoor lighting.  Also make sure throw rugs aren’t a tripping hazard and candles aren’t near anything flammable.  A sure-fire way to ruin a party is to have a guest injured!

Finally, recognize that your home doesn’t have to look perfect.  The point of the party is to get people together and create memories.  If you can let go of the idea everything has to be perfect, you’ll actually be a happier host and have a better time with your guests. Start planning, bring on the holiday cheer and enjoy!

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