5 Things Every REALTOR Should Know

5 Things Every REALTOR Should Know What makes a real estate agent a realtor.

The REALTOR is the expert, whether the client is buying or selling a property.  The client is trusting that agent to guide them to the best possible home in the right neighborhood for the right price or to present their home in the best possible light for a quick and fair sale price.  In order to do that, the agent needs to know it all.  Here are 5 things every REALTOR should know.

History and attractions of the area
It’s good to know how your community came to be – what made it attractive as a place to live and grow…and how has it changed and developed – has it improved over time – what does it have to offer in terms of businesses and services like doctors and tutors and retailers.  Is it a community that is on the rise or one that has been stable over the years?  It’s important to have general knowledge of the communities you’re representing.

Upcoming developments
Change doesn’t have to be bad or scary, but it’s always good to know about ahead of time.  Are there big improvements coming on the horizon…like new schools or bus lines, or perhaps expansions of roads or additions to parks? These things are very important to know, because although they are adding value, they also can mean a change in property taxes.  Clients don’t like these kinds of surprises.

Transportation issues
Many people want to be near highways for easy access to downtown and neighboring areas or perhaps to the airport.  But these same people don’t want the noise of traffic.  So what is the transportation situation – is there public transit and is it easily accessible?  Are there carpool options, park and rides, light rail or HOV lanes – what are the commutes like to other neighboring areas?  Transportation can be key in making or breaking a real estate decision.

Education and schools
Parents care a lot about schools.  They want the best for their children.  Do you know where the schools rank state-wide?  How do they fare in science, math and English in standardized test scores?  What extracurricular programs are offered…sports, theater, what academic clubs or special programs are offered?  What do the schools have to offer that make the community you’re selling valuable – you need to know.

Not only should the real estate pro know a great deal about the areas previously mentioned, such as schools, recreational facilities, etc. they also should have thorough information about the areas of town and home values. These agents should be very knowledgeable of the typical offering and selling prices and which areas are hot now and, more importantly, which ones will be hot in the future.  You want to get the most from your investment.

Of course there are many more things your clients will want to know – but by having a thorough background on these 5 areas, you’ll be seen as the ‘pro’ and have a head start on meeting your client’s needs and having a satisfied customer.

The Minnesota Association of REALTORS® is the largest professional trade association in the state with more than 17,000 members who are active in all aspects of the real estate industry.


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