4 Ways To Protect Your Home From Burglars

Protect Your Home From Burglars REALTOR

Would you feel violated if you came home to find your house ransacked by a burglar? Of course you would. Burglars look for a lot of things when choosing a home to break into. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware of these, essentially inviting criminals through the front door. Here are 4 ways to protect your home from burglars.

1. Mindful Use of Social Media
We all love talking about our lives on social media but it isn’t always the best idea. Big vacation coming up? Wait until after the vacation is over to “put it out” in social media. Burglars can easily access that information and find out when you’re going to be gone and for how long. Adjust your social media privacy settings making your posts only visible to your trusted contacts.

2. Be Cautious When Selling To Strangers
If you sell anything on Craigslist or another public site, make sure all of your transactions happen outside of the home. Don’t give out your address to potential buyers and never meet them on your own. Utilize the buddy system, both in and out of the house. Thieves have been known to make appointments just to check out the house. Better safe than sorry.

3. Secure The Safe
Just because you put your valuables in a safe doesn’t mean they’re secure. Make sure the safe is installed in a wall or bolted to the floor, otherwise a burglar can take it with them and figure out how to break into it later.

4. Mind Your Trash
Break down boxes and conceal them in garbage bags or trash cans, especially around holidays. Burglars drive around neighborhoods and look for empty boxes of high-priced items.

By following the advice above, you’ll reduce the risk of your house being targeted by burglars and keep the sense of safety in the home, where it belongs.

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