5 Tips for Selling Your Home During the Holidays

Selling Your Home During the Holidays


The holiday season is often considered the worst time to sell your house. While selling in the snowy months may feel like the equivalent of receiving a lump of coal in your stocking, the season does have its advantages: holiday buyers tend to be more serious and competition isn’t as intense with fewer homes on the market. If you are indeed set to sell, then put on your best holiday sweater and cheerful smile as you follow these 5 tips for selling during the holidays.

  1. Hire based on recommendations
    Hire someone who won’t disappear during Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s. Ask your family and friends for recommendations for hard-working agents. This will ease your stress and give you more time to rest while visions of sugar plums dance in your head.
  2. Price it to sell
    No matter what time of year, a home that’s priced low for the market is exactly what they have been asking Santa for. Rather than making small price reductions here and there, many agents advise sellers to slash their prices from the beginning.
  3. Make curb appeal a top priority
    Maintaining the exterior of your home is very important. Keep buyers’ safety in mind by making sure stairs and walkways are free of snow, ice and leaves. Lay down sidewalk salt before any showings. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially with the crazy winters we have here in Minnesota.
  4. Give them a place to stay warm
    Crank up the heat during showings to make your house feel more like a home. Have holiday treats and festive music playing for your potential buyers. By giving your buyers more time in your home, you’re giving them more time to admire its best features.
  5. Relax
    The holidays are stressful enough with lists to check (twice), food to cook, and in-laws to entertain. Remember, if you don’t sell during the holidays, there’s always next year, which is only a few days away, anyway.

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