How REALTORS Can Use Facebook

Use Facebook to become a better REALTOR.

How to use Facebook as a realtor.According to Mashable, 80 percent of real estate professionals are using Facebook to market their practice and properties. Are you one of them? Facebook can be used to promote listings, market open houses, and communicate with other agents and the public. Social media can promote your brand and listings in a free and efficient manner. Make the most of this valuable tool by following these Facebook tips for REALTORS.

Facebook Advice for REALTORS

  1. Connect with clients. Social media encourages fast and personalized communication. To build your fan base, upload your email database to Facebook once a quarter and invite them to become a fan, and then invite new friends and contacts as you meet them.
  2. Post relevant content. Facebook is your chance to market yourself as an industry expert, share content your audience will be interested, boost conversation, and strengthen relationships. All of this can be done based on what you choose to post. Try to post at least twice a week: one listing and one piece of interesting real estate or market information. Even if you only have a personal Facebook page rather than a business page, mix in industry information along with your personal content. You should wear your REALTOR badge both offline and online.
  3. Integrate Facebook into current marketing tactics. Take advantage of your existing resources. Do you write a blog? Share it on Facebook. Move your monthly newsletter away from the spam folder and make it available to your Facebook fans. You don’t need to start from the very beginning with each asset. Use the valuable information you have already built.
  4. Facebook ads. Facebook ads can be customized to fit into any budget. Choose to spend a set amount over a set period of time while targeting the audience of your choosing.
  5. Keep it professional. Your Facebook identity and offline identity are now intertwined. Everyone on Facebook is a potential client. Portray the same image you would wish your clients to see in-person.

Facebook is a valuable tool for real estate professionals when used correctly. Maximize your potential by following these Facebook real estate tips.

As a REALTOR, how do you use Facebook and social media?

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