Packing Away Summer

Tips to transition your home from summer to fall.

transition from summer to fall with these packing tipsAs the days change from long and sunny to short and crisp, it becomes time to pack away those shorts and and stow the squirt guns. If you’re putting your home on the market this fall season, it is necessary to cut the clutter. This means swapping out summer clothes and toys around the house for ones appropriate for the cold weather ahead. Pack away summer and keep your home ready to show at a moment’s notice.

Packing Tips

  • Choose: Go through your closet to decide which articles won’t be worn this winter. When showing a home, it is best to have the least amount of personal objects on display, so go ahead and be overzealous when choosing. Remember you’re only storing your clothes, not getting rid of them! You can always go into the bin to retrieve different pieces of clothes. Large plastic containers with lids work well. Containers should seal tightly to keep out moisture, bugs or mildew. Mothballs or fresh cedar chips repel any pests that might make their way into the container. Cedar chests or other wooden boxes may also store your clothes. Check the seal on the lids and consider using plastic to help create a tight closure.
  • Prepare: Launder the chosen clothes. The last thing you want to do is store dirty clothes, even if there aren’t any visible stains. Deodorant and perfume scents need to be removed from articles of clothes too before they’re stowed away for months. Also consider selling or donating some clothes you may not want or need by next summer. Think about how much your kids will grow during that span. There’s no need to take up space with articles you no longer need.
  • Pack: Sort clothes into similar groups so that unpacking or searching for specific pieces won’t be a pain. Shorts with beachwear, blouses with work outfits, and so on. Finally, lay one sheet going one way and another sheet going the other way in the container. The sheet will prevent the fabric from contacting the plastic or other container. It also prevents light from reaching the clothes and decolorizing.

Selling your home and moving is made easier by preparing for the seasons. Follow these tips to efficiently transition from summer to fall! For more tips to sell your home in the fall, read here.

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