Tips to Help Children Move During the School Year

Help your children adjust to a mid-year move.

help your children adjust to a moveWhether you’re moving school districts within the same city or relocating across the nation, switching schools is a stressful experience for most children. Kids spend as many as 1,600 hours per year in school. This is where they have established friendships, connections, and a level of comfort. Make the move easy on your children by finding ways to help them adjust to their new school and home.

Before the Move

  • Emphasize the exciting factors of the move. Make the house hunting process seem less daunting and intimidating by involving children as much as possible. Take them to house showings of properties you are seriously considering and take visits to the new neighborhood hot spots. The key is to show children what they will be gaining, not what they will be leaving behind.
  • Talk to teachers and school officials before the relocation is complete. Help your child not miss a beat academically by relaying academic challenges and strengths. Teachers and staff are there to aid the transition. The more details you share, from personality traits to course interests, the more likely your child is to succeed.

Saying Goodbye

  • Help your child say goodbye to friends and loved ones. This will help them gain a sense of closure and look forward to the move.
  • Find ways to help your children stay connected. Collect email addresses from their friends’ parents or encourage them to begin a pen-pal relationship. It will give children time to practice their writing while staying in touch.

Settling In

  • Once the move is complete, help your child embrace the new home and neighborhood. Investigate the neighborhood together and find new favorite spots.
  • Visit the school together before the first day. Help your child get a bearing on their surroundings without the time crunch and stress the first day of school can bring.
  • If your children walk to school, accompany them on their route until they are comfortable navigating by themselves.
  • Find after-school activities that match your children’s interests and passions. This will help them to make friends with similar interests.
  • As they say, make new friends but keep the old. One is silver, the other gold. Encourage them to continue speaking with friends from their old school.

Moving to a new home is a monumental decision, one children can enter with trepidation. Help your child transition into their new home and school with ease.

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2 thoughts on “Tips to Help Children Move During the School Year

  1. Years ago I had an often transferred wife and mom tell me that she much preferred moving her kids into a new school in the while it was in session. They would have the experience of having the teacher bring them to the front of the class and introduce them to their classmates and have the teacher ask that everyone, please, make xxxxx feel welcome. Moving in the summer meant the kids would start a new school and be one of the crowd and wouldn’t know anyone. Special vs. lost in the crowd. Made sense then and now.

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