Security for your Open House

How to keep your belongings safe during an open house.

open house safety tipsDuring an open house, your property and possessions are on display for strangers to assess. Most viewers will be there to envision what their own lives could be like in this house you call home. The fact is, opening your home to the public can be a little scary. Keep your valuables safe during an open house by following these tips.

Open House Safety Tips

Set aside important possessions. If there are objects that you can’t live without or are irreplaceable, stow them away in a box or tote. We’re talking important documents, social security cards, and important pieces of jewelry. When you have an open house you can easily take this tote with you and return when the open house is over.

Clean out the medicine cabinet. Your prescriptions may not immediately come to mind, but they are a hot commodity. Again store them all in a case that can be easily removed at a moments notice before an open house.

Password protect electronics. Passwords, documents, and personal data could fall into the wrong hands. Add an extra layer of protections with password encryption. Even if they are able to steal the physical electronic, you will be able to keep your identity safe.

Ask for an extra set of eyes. Request that a second REALTOR is present for the showing. Two sets of eyes will be able to be more aware of the people moving throughout your home. One REALTOR can greet guests at the door while the other follows visitors throughout the home.

Use common sense when hosting an open house and remove valuable objects that will tempt thieves into action. Follow these tips to find an offer awaiting upon your return instead of missing valuables.

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