Tips for Selling Your Home in the Fall

Want to sell your house this fall?

How to sell your home in the fall.Spring is known to be prime time for selling your home. The blossoming gardens and green grass promote positive curb appeal. Buyers seem to come out of winter hibernation to bid on homes. If you didn’t get around to listing your home during this season, don’t despair. Even though the seasons changing from sunny summer to crisp autumn usually slow down the real estate business, you can still find ways to make your home marketable.

How to Sell Your Home in the Fall

  • Embrace the season. Use the nostalgia of fall days to your advantage. Opt for fall inspired drinks and food at your open house. There’s nothing more inviting than the scent of a freshly baked apple pie wafting through a room. Pumpkin spiced anything is a crowd favorite on an autumn day. Find ways to infuse this into your home from candles to coffee.
  • Rake your leaves. Curb appeal still matters even if you don’t have bright and blooming flowers to showcase. Keep the property’s exterior looking tidy and well-maintained. This sets expectations for the interior of the home.
  • Show your home before the sun sets. To utilize natural light to in your home, you will need to hold earlier showings. The sun sets earlier in the fall, providing limited hours of sunshine. Use this sunset calendar to accordingly time your open house.
  • Provide photographs from year round. Just because you are listing your home in the fall doesn’t mean the buyer can’t experience what the home looks like in the spring. Include spring and summer photos of your home’s exterior online and in hard copy format at showings, but don’t use them exclusively. An abundance of past season photographs will make it appear your home as been on the market for an extended period of time and give unrealistic expectations for the fall showing.

There is never a perfect or bad time to sell your home. What you need to do is make the best out of every situation and season! Use these tips to sell your home in the fall.

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