The Best Home Improvement Investments for Your Budget

Add value to your home with these budget-friendly projects. tips-for-selling-your-home

Not everyone is made of money or has a fortune stashed away to conduct a major home renovation. However, there are smaller-scale, budget-friendly projects you can do around the house to improve your home and impress your guests. By implementing these home improvement investments for your budget, you’re sure to add value to your home without draining your savings.

Install under-cabinet lighting

Adding lights under your cabinets will help illuminate your countertops and work surfaces – a plus for any cook! Under-cabinet lighting gives a bright and modern look, while helping the space look less dated, this is also something future buyers will find appealing.

Add crown molding

Crown molding gives off a touch of elegance and luxury without a big, fancy price tag. Easy to install and an instant crowd pleaser, crown molding quickly goes from a luxury to a why-didn’t-I-install-this-sooner!?

Update cabinet hardware

Nothing screams 1990’s decorating job like yellow-gold hardware. Replacing the outdated hardware with new and improved pieces will instantly give your cabinets a facelift. This simple upgrade doubles as the Fountain of Youth for your cabinets and is fairly inexpensive.

Install a backsplash in your kitchen

By adding a backsplash in your kitchen you’re upping the ‘wow’ factor as well. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most popular in today’s kitchens. However, ceramic is less expensive and achieves the ‘wow’ factor everyone wants.

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