5 Things Today’s Buyers Are Looking for in a New Home

5 Things Today’s Buyers Are Looking for in a New Home house-real-estate-social-media

Are you getting ready to put your house on the market? If it has any of these 5 things today’s buyers are looking for in a new home, you’re sure to sell in no time! It’s important to keep in mind the majority of home buyers shopping the market today are much younger than the previous generation of home buyers. If there is anything Gen X and Gen Y home buyers are looking for more aggressively than a great happy hour, it’s a home equipped with these features.

Updated Appliances

If you want to date your home faster than a red shag carpet, have old appliances.  Since that is not what today’s buyers are looking for, be sure your appliances are modern and sleek. Stainless steel is a safe bet with today’s buyers, extra points if they’re energy efficient.


There may be no place like Grandma’s house, but that doesn’t mean vinyl is in.  Upgrade to hardwood for a newer, more contemporary look.

Walk-In Closets

Storage space can be a deciding factor for some home buyers. Walk-in closets are considered a luxury that will only sweeten the deal. His and Her closets are even better, but really any amount of ample closet space is a winner.

Finished Basement

A basement can be great, but it can also be a waste of space if it’s not finished.  In earlier years, people didn’t put much value on basements but today’s buyers want a clean, dry finished area when looking to make an offer.

New Windows

Today’s buyers value energy efficiency in efforts to go green.  Windows play a big role when it comes to maintaining the indoor climate and will help keep their energy costs down.

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