Foods to Serve at an Open House

Foods for a successful open house showing.

Chocolate Chip CookiesBuyers looking for their dream home want to be able to envision their future life in the abode. When selling your home, that means offering certain amenities that will enhance that vision. Spruce up the curb appeal, hide the clutter, and offer some snacks during the open house. Your culinary talents won’t be the tipping point that wins a buyer over, but it can attract more buyers and real estate agents to view the home. House hunters will linger longer, exploring your home when they have the chance to fill up on food.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
This go-to sweet treat is always a crowd favorite. The nostalgic smell fills your home with happy memories of family and childhood. Bake the cookies right before the open house for optimum scent, but be sure to pay attention! Burnt cookies won’t attract anyone.

Finger Sandwiches
Take the stereotypical cold cut tray one step up with convenient and tasty finger sandwiches. Provide plates and place a trashcan nearby to avoid a mess in your thoughtfully prepared home.

Ice Cold Lemonade
There’s nothing more refreshing in the summertime than entering a cool home while sipping lemonade. A sparkling version provides the right amount of bubbly to spark buyers’ taste buds. Use disposable cups and obviously placed trash receptacles to discourage mess.

Low Commitment
If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to prepare snacks from scratch, you should still offer options for buyers to enjoy. Miniature wrapped candy bars and snack-size single bags of chips are always a crowd pleaser.

No matter the food you choose to serve, there are a few key rules to keep in mind. Provide items that don’t require silverware, place trash bins in visible areas, and at the minimum, offer bottled water. This way your home will be ready and make a great first impression!

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