First Impressions: Open House Tips

Open house tips you may not have thought of.

Open house tipsThere are basic tips for a successful open house that many people are aware of. Stage the home. Clean clutter. Remove overly personal objects. In this competitive housing market, it is important that no detail is overlooked. Follow these often ignored guidelines for an open house that will exceed expectations.

Timing is everything. Update that “for sale” sign with an “open house” sign exactly one week before your big event. This allows plenty of time to entice drive-by traffic to return for the open house. Include the specific date so there is no confusion. This tip comes with the low price of $7 to purchase the sign.

Open houses are traditionally held on non-holiday Sundays between 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Leverage this opportunity by paying attention to when other open houses are taking place. Time your open house to take advantage of traffic drawn by other open houses. React quickly to get the word out via social media, Craigslist and email marketing.

First impressions. Invest in a new doormat. When you’re about to enter a home, what do you do? You look down, and wipe your feet on the doormat. Instantly make a buyer feel at home and at ease.

Mother Nature. Fresh plants are a welcome touch that additionally serve to purify the air. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, here are six plants that anyone can keep alive.

Love they neighbor. It seems counterintuitive to welcome nosy neighbors who have no intention of buying your home, but it’s actually not all bad.

“The neighborhood people are the most important sales people for the house,” one real estate agent says. “So I want them to come in. They’re the people who want their friends to come move into the neighborhood. They’re my scouts.”

The open house is not to be discounted as a home selling tactic. Buyers 65 years and older, are more likely to find their home through an open house than other age groups. As age increases the likelihood of using open houses as a search tool increases—45 percent of buyers aged 45 to 64 used open houses, compared to only 28 percent of buyers aged 18 to 24. Appeal to these buyers by presenting appealing amenities.

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