In the Perfect Light

Lighting is a home element you never notice when it's good, and always notice when it's wrong.
Lighting is a home element you never notice when it’s good, and always notice when it’s wrong.

Lighting is one of those home aspects you don’t notice unless it’s wrong. Too dim or  too bright, if it’s not right it can ruin a room. Lighting creates ambience, atmosphere, and mood. Make buyers feel right at home by welcoming them with proper lighting in every room. If your home isn’t already equipped to impress, there are a few easy changes you can make before putting the home on the market.

Exterior lighting. Walkway, sidewalk, and perimeter lighting is a bonus selling point to buyers. This extra sense of security should be highlighted and is noticeable during nighttime home showings. Consider installing flood lights at the exterior corners of your home that are motion activated to further deter intruders.

Multiple light sources for one space. Open living spaces like the living room, kitchen, and bedroom benefit from multiple light sources, allowing the rooms to serve multiple functions. Under the cupboard lights in the kitchen are perfect for cutting and chopping. Lamps next to couches and beds can be affordably purchased for multifunctional rooms. Note that if you incorporate these aspects into the bathroom, the mirror should avoid shadows and glare.

Chandelier or don’t? A chandelier can add class and sophistication to formal dining rooms, making it seem like an easy choice. Choose one that won’t date your space and decorations. Take proper measurements before investing to make sure it doesn’t overwhelm the room.

Showcase your home in the best possible light, literally. This easy addition will help buyers appreciate everything the home has to offer.

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