Four Fresh and Unusual Closing Gifts (and Two Classics)

In a referral business, we all know the importance of cementing your place in a client’s memory. The home buying process is fun, exhilarating, rewarding, and you really get to know your client. But by the time the closing date rolls around, it’s often the end of a long road. Client gift? Let’s be honest–we’ve all defaulted to a Home Depot gift card and a handshake. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! But with a little extra effort, the gift can be a thoughtful way to celebrate the clients’ new home, celebrate their personal style, and nurture the business relationship.

So how to be personal and thoughtful without breaking the bank or requiring a personal shopper? Here are some clever ideas:

Personalized gifts are great for clients at closing
credit: GoingUnderground Etsy shop

Art Attack–Work with an artist to create a one-of-a-kind piece celebrating the new home. Go the traditional route with a charcoal sketch of the home’s exterior, or have a print made of the family name for clients with more contemporary tastes.

Stock the Fridge–Spend an hour in the grocery store buying snacks and noshes to be enjoyed during move-in day. Consider pre-cut veggies and dips, a small basket of fruit, soda and beer, crackers and good cheese, a few bottles of water, a selection of salami and sausages, and their favorite pop/beer/wine. Don’t forget the corkscrew–which will live in the silverware drawer after the snacks have been enjoyed, and throw in a half dozen cloth napkins for posterity.

Local chocolates can be a great client gift
photo: B.T.McElrath

Eat Local–A gift basket of local favorites: chocolate from B.T.McElrath, Chocolat Celeste, or Just Truffles; a 6 pack of Surly, some pepper sticks from Hackenmueller’s Meats, an interesting local read, some in-season local produce, and a gift certificate to that hot new restaurant down the street.

Go Go Gadget–Cozy and homey may not quite be the right tone for a tech-loving client. Consider the Keyport –which consolidates a pocketful of keys–including the one to their brand new home–into one nifty gadget. You can even have it engraved.

Personalized welcome mat can be a great client gift.
credit: Whitehall Black

Remember that Home Depot gift card? Just because it’s a classic doesn’t mean it’s not a great gift. Here are two more that are tried and true:

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself–They’re common because they’re just great gifts. Realtors have used them for years, but you’ll never go wrong with a personalized welcome mat or a return address stamp.

Ticket, Please–Sports fans or theater buffs will always appreciate a pair of tickets to a big event. Whether it’s a Twins game at the lovely new Target Field, or the Wild at Xcel Center, or the touring production of the hottest Broadway show, you’ll be remembered. It also gives you a great reason to check back in just prior to the event.

Do you give closing gifts? What’s been your most-appreciated token of appreciation?


2 thoughts on “Four Fresh and Unusual Closing Gifts (and Two Classics)

  1. This is a great article with some cool ideas! Thanks for sharing. Many realtors in my network use Cutco Closing Gifts. Check out Classy, subtle way to brand yourself with something that is used daily, maintains top of mind awareness with clients, is tax deductible, and doesn’t break the bank ($50-200).

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