Paint to Sell

Exterior house paint for seller
photo credit: GreenWerks

Client ready to sell? One reminder: This is not the time to be a trendsetter. The goal of a homeowner trying to sell should be to make the home as appealing as possible to as many people as possible. This may include toning back some strong colors to depersonalize the space, both inside and out. We’ve compiled a few recommendations for attractive and neutral color palates to open your home to a variety of potential buyers.


  • White: In a shadier yard, white will absorb all of the light and really stand out. The bright and clean color can also help prevent against a weather-beaten look.
  • Neutrals: Depending on the age of your neighborhood, more of the houses may be painted in neutrals rather than whites. Newer developments tend to utilize neutrals more than older developments did. Make sure you’re not the house that sticks out for the wrong reasons and have your exterior match the feel of the neighborhood.
  • Darks: More often than not, a dark color is not the right choice for the exterior. However, some old, well-established neighborhoods have dark grey, blue, or brown exteriors. If these tones are present in your neighborhood, by all means, use them.


In living areas, one popular strategy is earth tones. These browns, tans, reds, oranges, and some darker blues and greens are soothing to the potentially wound-up buyer. Many buyers have a difficult time separating themselves from what a room looks like and what their personal plans for the room are. This makes bright colors or distinct visions a challenge to sell. Neutral colors greatly reduce this clash. This does not mean you’re to paint your whole house white—white is not a neutral color, it’s a bright one! We recommend cream, beige, or light grey.

  • Kitchen: The key to a kitchen is brightness. Many individuals and families spend the majority of their time in the kitchen cooking, eating, cleaning, or chatting. Dark or warm colors won’t provide the energy and intensity that a kitchen needs to accommodate all of these activities. Instead, try reds, oranges, or yellows.
  • Bathroom: Contrary to the kitchen, brightness does not help sell a bathroom. Because of the small space, try to stay away from intense colors or dark hues that could make the room feel even smaller than it is. Although the small space may seem like a great place to take advantage of accent colors, make sure you use them as accents and not as base colors! Paint the walls beige, light yellow, or cream and accent with towels, shower curtain, and garbage can
  • Bedroom: Soft, calm colors are the way to sell a bedroom. Because there is no need for a bedroom to feel flashy or trendy, make your potential buyers feel comfortable and relaxed when entering bedroom spaces. Pale yellow, off white, and beige are neutral but warm.

Despite the feeling that you should use the colors that you think make the house look its best; it’s best to leave that to the taste of the buyer. By setting a neutral palate, potential buyers have room to let their imaginations carry them away and turn your old home into their dream home.

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