New Forms for REALTORS in Minnesota

Minnesota real estate forms releaseNew Minnesota Real Estate Forms Out in October

Each year, the Minnesota REALTOR® new form release occurs on August 1st to coordinate with legislative changes and help coordinate revision releases to one time per year. This year, those new forms will be released October 1st. Minnesota Association of REALTORS® CEO Chris Galler outlined why the delay has happened and what REALTORS® in Minnesota will see in the meantime.

Because of MLS software security updates related in part to the MLS SASI cooperative, we are unable to release the revised/new forms on August 1st this year. MLS systems change security routines in order to protect the data placed in the system.  One of Minnesota’s large MLS vendors – FBS – is doing such a security algorithm change on August 9th which has a negative impact on the Instanet Solutions program that auto fills the contracts, builds the files and provides members with Authentisign e-signature capabilities.  FBS and Instanet Solutions have been working over the last few weekends making the integration into the new statewide forms program when technicians the security issue came to light when reviewing the Single Sign-in Option.  For this reason, MNAR will be delaying the release until October 1st to ensure the SASI system security is in place and functioning properly.

What does this mean for Minnesota REALTORS®?

MN REALTORS® will be delaying the new form launch until October 1st, which means members will continue to use the same form version they have been using from their local MLS.  By delaying the release, we’ll avoid having multiple versions of the MNAR forms “on the street” and avoid agent/broker disagreements over which contract is the most current version.  Second, we’ll be able to work out any SASI related security issues so that the MLS data and forms remain secure and not accessable by the general public.

We’ve extended the licensing agreement with WebForms and FBS for the 60-day period to provide the current 2011/12 version of the forms.  This will help smooth out any security issues and provide members more time to make the transition to Instanet Solutions.  We will also have forms available through our website – however MNAR does not have access to the MLS data to auto-fill the blanks.

The older versions of the forms will be turned off through your MLS and Instanet Solutions will be the vendor delivering the new/revised MNAR contracts.

Instanet will continue to make the current forms available through September and will replace them with updated forms on October 1st.

DOES THIS IMPACT THE CONTRACT/FORM CONTINUING EDUCATION MODULE? Yes, we have a number of classes offered in September that will need to have the instructors inform the audience about the October 1st switch.  This is a major concern, but one we think we can work through for 15-days.  Instructors will be telling the classrooms before and throughout the program about the changes coming on October 1st.

We did not believe there would be a problem of this nature.  Like the conversion in Detroit Lakes, we were not aware of the security issues involving the SASI related MLS systems.  FBS has been very good at making the transition for the Lakes Country Association and we believed a similar integration would be possible through others.  Instanet Solutions/FBS was not aware of how the security algorithm issue would impact Instanet Solutions until last week. With a delay inevitable, we decided to push it back the additional month to ensure other unforeseen items do not cause another delay.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Chris Galler.


The Minnesota Association of REALTORS® is the largest professional trade association in the state with more than 19,000 members who are active in all aspects of the real estate industry. REALTORS® are dedicated to home ownership and helping people looking to buy and sell homes in Minnesota.


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