Top Tips for Showing a Home in the Summer

Summer Open House TipsTips for Summer Open Houses

The summer months are busy ones for REALTORS® – summer is the second busiest time of year for home sales as people try to relocate before a new school year starts. You will likely have more competition as more homes are on the market this time of year. But – thanks to low interest rates, a recovering economy and rising rent costs, buyers are becoming more motivated to sign those closing papers!

We’ve already blogged about our best tips for hosting an open house, and many of those tips apply to open houses no matter what season we’re in. But in the summer months, REALTORS® may have some extra challenges to think about to make those open houses and showings stand out to buyers.

Think of the Outdoors

Home buyers are thinking of the outdoors in the summer – spending time on patios, decks, in a pool and gardening. Make sure the lawn is mowed and lush and green – if you’re area isn’t getting enough rain, water your lawn to keep it in good shape for buyers. Planting some annuals will give your yard bursts of color. And – if you have children, make sure their toys and bikes are put away.

Stage the Outside

Patios and decks are often overlooked when it comes to staging. These areas can really be ‘extra rooms’ and add square footage to your home. Buyers will be trying to picture themselves in your home and during the summer they’ll be picturing themselves having parties and cookouts with family and friends. Arrange patio furniture to maximize your space and make sure any grills or other equipment is clean and in good shape.

If you’re in a neighborhood with lots of children – set up a swing set or have a sandbox. Making your yard as kid-friendly as possible can be a big plus if young families are going to be looking at your home.

Keep the A/C Running

During the summer, one of the most important things you can do is to make sure your air conditioning works! You’ll want homes to be nice and cool for open houses. Plus, repairing or replacing central air can be an expensive project that could turn off potential buyers or cost you money off your asking price.

Offer Refreshments

Refreshments are a big help during summer showings and open houses. Hot weather and lots of time in air conditioning can leave potential buyers tired and thirsty! Having a pitcher of lemonade or water with citrus slices on hand can be a welcome treat for home buyers. Cold bottles of water are also nice to offer people coming through the home you’re showing.

What are your best tips for showing a home in the summer?
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