Legislative Update: Licensing Requirements

Minnesota Legislative Update - RealtorsUpdate from the Capitol

The Legislative session in St. Paul is coming to a close. MNAR lobbyists are continuing to track action at the Legislature – especially issues that matter to homeowners and REALTORS.

Here is the Legislative Update from Paul Eger and Ryan Hamilton:

Rumors of ongoing negotiations between Governor Mark Dayton and legislative leadership created an air of anticipation around the Capitol this week.  At issue are a bonding bill (“bricks and mortar” construction projects), the Vikings stadium, and business property tax relief.

In the meantime, as negotiations occur in private, the House and Senate continued the daily pattern of convening around 10am, going into recess for several hours, then reconvening later in the day to process minor bills, conference committee reports, and omnibus bills.

On Thursday, the Senate passed a bill that clarifies that licensed attorneys and their direct employees continue to be exempt from the licensing requirement for real estate closing agents.  This noncontroversial bill was brought forward by the Minnesota State Bar Association.

The bill passed in the Senate by vote of 62-1 and the House by a vote of 125-0.

If you have any questions on anything from these issues or future legislation, please contact Ryan or Paul.


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